The Challenge:

Antibiotic resistance has been called one of the world’s most pressing public health problems. And in Latin America, the purchase of antibiotics continues to be very easy to get over the counter and without a doctor's prescription! Children are of particular concern because they are the biggest users of antibiotics and so the most likely to over-consume.

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The strategy :

Make a significant impact on the largest purchasers of antibiotics – Moms. We decided that to educate them about their correct use would be a major influencer for change. We also set out to educate moms and health care providers on the differences in quality and the importance of bioequivalence of generic medications available on the market.




the execution.

We created an educational and emotionally-driven multichannel campaign that would speak to a mother’s heart and expand the knowledge base of the caregivers around her.

We developed a simple, educational, yet heartfelt website for both consumers and Health Care Professionals. Additionally, we created a Knowledge Certificate, so users could evaluate their learning and be granted a Certificate of Accomplishment.

We also included QR codes on certain materials that guided target audiences to more information and useful materials. 

Also, based on consumer market research we conducted with Moms and their children across the Latin America region, we developed a series of fun and engaging videos on the website, several social channels and POP monitors: upon completion, consumers were awarded an interactive Knowledge Certificate.

Simultaneously, we executed a comprehensive and multi-targeted Email marketing campaign to get the word out and include more details about the overuse of antibiotics. 

website development

knowledge certificate program

generated QR codes

video series

email campaign

PowerPoint presentation




POP displays


pharmacy cards

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the results.

Mejor Cuidado/Mejor Salud Campaign has been executed in three languages and has been active in over 15 countries. Immediately upon execution, patients requested more information on the subject.  The average amount of time spent on the website was over 3 minutes. Health Care Professionals have requested more materials for their patients, and we have a growing army of informed moms. An informed Mom means Happy and Healthy Children. Not only were the brand’s KPI’s surpassed, but the campaign won two Advertising Age Modern Healthcare Awards for effectiveness and creative excellence!  

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