The Challenge:

Transform a prominent but stagnant Spanish-language greeting card brand, taking it out of the doldrums. Via brand analysis, internal research & consumer market research, we discovered the brand had some challenges: Spanish-language cards were not relevant to U.S. Hispanic/Puerto Rican and Mexican markets. The language and the context of cards appeared to simply have been translated and was disconnected from the Latin culture. What's more, the brand name didn't resonate with ethnic audiences. As a consequence, sales were down in the majority of major Hispanic markets.


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The strategy :

Re-engineer the product line to better address the needs and desires of the Hispanic market and engage them on a deeper emotional level. 

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the execution.

A comprehensive review and evaluation of 1000+ Spanish-language  greeting cards ultimately led the team to develop more original and fewer translated cards, more culturally relevant cards, design based on consumer frame of reference (fewer Over-50 cards for example) , the addition of bilingual cards, with culturally-relevant English language cards for English-preferred Hispanics, the addition of products (and ultimately SKUs), and a section for Quinceañeras (based on researching unmet Hispanic needs). 

customer experience (CX/UX)

qualitative research recruiting

traditional & online focus groups


one on one interviews (idi’s)

celebrity/spokesperson research

mystery shopping


online qualiboards

online video idi’s

social listening


the results

Among other initiatives, the Sinceramente brand name was phased out, replaced initially by “Tarjetas en español disponibles aquí” and soon thereafter, rebranded by Hallmark as Vida. The result was a brand transformation that outperformed according to all metrics, reinvigorating the brand.

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