The Challenge:

Mike’s hard lemonade is the ideal alternative to beer, but has been consumed primarily by non-Hispanics. Marketing and advertising efforts had focused primarily on non-Hispanic consumers, and did not resonate well with Hispanics.  Our challenge was to increase awareness of the Mike’s brand among Hispanic Millennial consumers to be culturally relevant and ultimately, increase sales of Mike's.

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The strategy :

Expand Mike’s consumer base by making Mike’s relevant to bilingual, bicultural Hispanic Millennials; increase conversion rates via sampling events; increase sales in test markets, and grow distribution.




the execution.

We focused on the U.S. Hispanic Millennials. They are younger than the general market Millennials and learning about new brands/products is entertaining for them. They prefer shopping, dining and celebrating with friends and family, 62% are highly culturally connected, 85% speak Spanish at home, and Hispanic Millennials have a powerful connection to their culture.

Hispanic Millennials enjoy the benefits of two cultures and are strongly attuned to Hispanic culture via family, traditions, food, music, language, media and social activities. Culture drives their purchasing decisions.

We developed a fun, energetic campaign, relevant to the target group, that combined the essence of Mike’s brand personality and the spirit of the Hispanic Millennial. Mike's Hard Lemonade is a refreshing mix of lemonade and alcohol, a beverage so refreshing we had to invent our own words to describe it by creating the right “mix”, similar to our Millennial target’s bicultural/bilingual mix, combining Spanish and English or Spanglish.

We engaged our target group via their unique consumer touch points using Spanish radio, out-of-home, digital, social media, and in-store POP and activations.

customer experience (CX/UX)

qualitative research recruiting

traditional & online focus groups


one on one interviews (idi’s)

celebrity/spokesperson research

mystery shopping


online qualiboards

online video idi’s

social listening

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the results.

All objectives were achieved, and several were surpassed. Expansion into several new markets is in process and plans are in place to 'multiculturalize' the brand as a whole. Refreshtástico!

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